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About Fxchng – India’s First Social Classifieds Platform


Free Online Classifieds took one leap further - Fxchng.

Leveraging the power of Social Media - FXCHNG is reinventing online classifieds.

Fxchng offers a simple and social buying and selling experience to its users - from finding an apartment to selling used car,bike, electronics, furniture, computers, laptops.

What's more? - The platform is smart/intelligent enough to find common/Mutual friends between buyer and seller. A prospective buyer will get to know if he has any common friends with the seller. Buyer can also ask the common friends’ pool to get recommended/introduced to the seller. This makes the deal way more trustworthy and easier to crack – while making new friends along the way.

Fxchng Website is made keeping the usability in mind. From browsing categories to gazing through listings or posting a new ad – everything is made simpler and clear to help you reach your destination in quickest possible way and find what you need.